Rolf-Olav Ringkjøb

My passion is producing your passion.

This is My Story

I started to explore the depths of music at the age of five.

Back then we had a piano in the living room, it was painted white and all the supposedly black keys were painted PINK!

My mother was kind a funky in her own sweet way, and she thought it was very cute, and not for a single second did she see it as weird to paint the keys pink.

So what do you do growing up with a funky painted piano in the living room? Start rearranging nursery rhymes.  I can still vividly remember the magic I felt as I rewrote and tweaked the notes and rhythmic pulses of the songs I heard; It was as if I had tapped  into the source of life it self.

I picked up the guitar at age 9, and have played ever since. I still do, every single day, and it is still as magical today as it was back then. It’s like time stood still, like I’d stepped into eternity. My passion for producing has always been there, back to the the first time I recognized I was able to take a song and mold it the way I wanted.

I have always had some kind of music production and recording equipment in my home, from the early days of Tascam’s 4 track cassette – recorders  and the first versions of midi sequencing tools on pc, to the modern DAW’s like Logic and Protools. After laying down some guitar tracks in Sweep Studios in Oslo in 1998, I gave the producer a copy of a song I had produced in my bedroom. His first response was “you should come and work here” This was my first job in a commercial studio. This is when I really started to evolve into a professional producer.

Growing up music was my kind of LEGO, and it still is!

Recent Work

pink piano 2

My little sister and the funky pink piano!
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