“You are what you eat” and “You’ve got to give to get”, are well known concepts. This is true in the arts as well. Not only for the artist, but also for the consumer of the art. Music is similar to food in a way; you can get junk food from McDonnalds and alike, and it will dampen the feeling of being hungry for a moment, but in no way are you being properly nurtured. In the long haul you run the risk of really damaging your health. A lot of todays radio-pop is just like that: Easy accessible, fast, mindless and superficial. “Fast-food-music” can in no way reach the depths and corners of your soul, like carefully crafted art can. As with junk food, it’s easy to consume too much crap, and loose touch with your sanity and health.

So what can we do? To reach to where art is really satisfying and healing, you’ll have to invest a little time. Like food like music, it takes time to prepare for a good meal, and you’ll have to set aside some time to enjoy that meal. If you eat all the time, you will never get to the point where you can explore the feeling of really being hungry, and if you’re not truly hungry you’ll just eat out of bordom and restlessness and only crave food that’s greasy and will go down easy. In this way you rob your self of a lot of good experiences, and a lot of good living; Food is best when you’re hungry, and this is true for music as well. Next time you want to turn on the radio in your car, don’t. Have a moment of silence instead, and when you get really “hungry”, you go home, lean back and really listen to music.

To be continued..

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