‘Beck Needs To Respect Artistry’ – Kanye West on Beck winning Grammy for best album 2015


Honestly, Beck is a highly respected hard working artist, and you just look like a greedy pompous kid.

Pick one Kaney: Are you just ignorant, totally self absorbed or is this just an attempt to grow your business? My bet is the latter, and it’s not like you lack any material goods.

Either way Kanye, you got a lot of attention. I don’t know if your little ‘stunt’ undermines Beck’s Grammy for best album of the year or if it gives him more leverage, but I do know this:  It takes away from the true spirit of music! 

It’s guys like yourself, exploiting every opportunity for money and fame, that is wrecking music, turning everything into a game. Bling Bling Ka Ching..

Music was meant to connect us, it is our universal language, a source of inspiration. In the right hands it has the power to heal the broken heart, build bridges between communities and unite nations.

Maybe it’s time to take one step back and reconsider what your contribution is really all about? It’s time to be honest, and this goes for everybody, not only Kanye West. The world needs us to be honest, it’s the only way we can continue to evolve.




Backstabber Kaney West Killing Music

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