Darling  Nicki

Your so fuckin’ fucked up, you’re insanely deluded, your ass is all over the planet and we’re all getting polluted. Get back to where you came from, no, I don’t mean back to no the ghetto, but back to where your heart is where love rules defacto.

I know you’ve gots lot to give and a lot to show for,but what you’re doing right now is nothing worth dying for.You see you kill your self little by little, and by the end of the day you just feel and look like a shithole

The way I see you right now, you remind me of a monkey,big bad ass attitude, no different than a junkie.

Anaconda won’t? Get outta here, that anaconda shouldn’t even be allowed, my anaconda couldn’t.

Hey Nicki listen, get your act together, I know in my heart you got it in you,

you can do so much better.

Teach them girls to respect themselves, be proud of who they are no need for leather and lace.

Leave a legacy worth leaving, today, right now ,

turn around, start living.

start loving, start giving.



PS, drop me a note, lets make better music and more meaningful lives together!

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