Growing up in my teens, I first came to realize my real potential as a modern, professional producer and songwriter helping others to fulfill their musical goals as a friend of mine came to me with this song he had written. He just couldn’t seem to make it work, and he was so frustrated. I listened to the song over and over; underneath the rather chaotic arrangement of his demo, there was something about the song that was so appealing. I couldn’t stop until I had figured out what that song needed to shine, so I took it apart and reassembled the song with new beats, a fresh arrangement and some new written parts to make the hook really stand out. And I nailed it, it was as giving birth; hallelujah! what an incredible insane high that is, when a song comes through for the first time!

Thats when I really understood that music production and songwriting is my calling.

Parallel with working with music production in the studio, I have traveled all over Europe with different bands as a guitarist. Over the years I’ve learned to play many instruments, ranging from Guitar and Piano to Drums, Bass, and I was always a technical freak, and that helped me to become a skilled programmer.  It’s really helpful to be able to play all those instruments and program when you are composing and producing, saves you a lot of time, and it’s easy to try out different arrangements without having to wait for extra musicians. There are sometimes however, that you really want a certain type of player, luckily I know some of the best in the game!

Music is my passion, it is my life!

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