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Only fifteen minutes outside Oslo, RolfRolf Studios is a part of Kulturhagen (The Garden of Art and Culture), located in an old swiss style mansion with two large buildings, housing songwriters, musicians, painters, jewelry-designers, therapists nutritionists and yoga teachers among others.
From here you can see the Oslo fjord, smell the flowers and submerge your self in the serene settings.

The studio is situated in the main building at Kulturhagen. Beautifully built in white and light colors, creating a bright yet soft and soothing atmosphere, making the perfect surroundings for creative work.

Rolf is a great guy and a genuine musician. I always have a blast working with him and I heartily recommend his work in and out of the studio!

Roy Powell

Mumpbeak - Interstatic

There is nothing more exiting than being part of giving birth to a song. It’s so rewarding to collaborate with other artists on the creation of music, takes you to a special place in your mind!


Songwriter, rolfrolf

Equipment and Instruments

The Studio is built around the latest technology and offers industry standard Pro Tools and Logic as recording platforms.

Digidesign, Universal Audio and Yamaha digital mixer/ converters/ preamps.

  • Schimmel Acoustic upright piano
  • Yamaha CP-5 Elecric piano
  • Gibson/Fender/Blade/Danelectro electric guitars and basses
  • Maton/Tylor/Sigma/Takamine/Yamaha acoustic guitars
  • Røde/Shur/Studio Project/Bejer dynamic/DPA/ microphones




Recording at your place?

The world keeps getting smaller, and technology has made it possible for us to work together and collaborate no matter where we are based. I have a portable, yet very professional solution, to record, write and produce with you, where you are – even if it’s in New York or Paris for that matter. Want to track the vocals in Rome and do the harmonies in Stockholm? No problem!

The portable system is based around a Apple MacBook pro and Universal Audio Apollo Twin audio interface. Combined with a portable reflection filter from SE, this system yields maximal freedom without compromising sound quality

When the weather is good and I feel like it, I set up my gear outside in the garden, just to get a different working environment. The key here is to do whatever it takes to nurture the vibe and capture the moment. A change of location is often very refreshing, and can bring new, unexpected results.



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