Yes, sure, nothing says you can’t do it all by your self. Todays affordable technology provides us with all the tools we need to make our songs available online. But….

Professional music production is an art in it self.

It takes a clear, objective mind to get it right.

The production should support and enhance the song, but it’s so easy to loose track when faced with all the technicalities and decision making involved in the process of music production:

  • The right beat
  • The right tempo
  • The instrumentation
  • Arangement
  • The right key for the singers voice
  • … the list goes on.

This is the part where many great song writers get confused, frustrated and want to give up. 

All in all there are so many pit falls, and if you’re really serious about your music,  I see no reason you should compromise it.

why cut short on what is supposed to be the most important thing for you in the whole world?

Your heart, your soul, your emotions. Your voice in this world!

Vocal Session at rolfrolf studio

A Happy artist in the studio together with producer rolfrolf










Team up with a good producer and he or she will help you free your musical creativity and inspire you to take your songs to the next level!

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